About us💛

Le Petit Paradis was founded in 1998, birthed from the owners’ desire to fund their first child’s accommodation when he received an International Basketball Scholarship in the USA at fifteen years old. 

They thought of many different ways to fund him, but quickly realised that hosting guests was the best option for them and their family.

They started from humble beginnings, building a very small one-bedroom cottage and hosted their first guest for one week. 

That’s when they realized this was a very lucrative business that could send their first son to school and support their entire family. 

" Excellent Guesthouse & restaurant next to Wotten Waven spas, about 20 min drive from Roseau. Great local flavours, very warm welcome. "Bullet" drink, a local speciality, is highly recommended! "

Joan is an expert chef who learnt all her top secrets from her mother– Mamma Julietta. 

Living in the valley of Wotton Waven in the early 1900s, Mamma Julietta cooked all her meals from an outside kitchen built from wood on what we locals call a “coal pot” 

All her food was locally grown from ingredients picked in her backyard garden. Joan, being the eldest daughter of 9 siblings, she had the responsibility of taking care of the younger ones which included cooking. 

She learnt by scrutinising every ingredient, every spice, and every seasoning Mamma Julietta used in her meals that were so deliciously prepared and practiced till her food was cooked to perfection. 

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Feel the taste of Dominica!

Joan’s cooking art was stemmed from Mama Julietta and the love of God. She not only cooks, but creates orgasmic local cuisines in her kitchen with ingredients  freshly sourced from local farmers. 

With each bite, you will experience a burst of different euphoric flavors on your tastebuds, enticing you to want more of her delicious delicacies. 

Meet The Team

Established since 1998

Algernon Ducreay


Joan Ducreay


Yanika Ducreay-Marshall


Yana Ducreay

Marketing Manager

Choco Ducreay


Algernon served for 40 years in the Education Sector and is now a retired School principal of the Morne Prosper & Wotton Waven Primary Schools. He, along with Joan is the founder of Le Petit Paradis. He wears many hats in the business and loves to have a good time. 

Joan is the Legendary founder and chef at Le Petit Paradis. She is the bed rock of the family & Business. Joan always had that entrepreneurial spirit and fully embraces her sense of Independence. She loves the hospitality industry & enjoys making guests feel at home and welcome. 

Yanika is a Tourism & Hospitality graduate and also an ex primary school and early childhood educator. She wears many hats but due to her undying love for tourism & hospitality she decided to use her qualification & experience to assist her family in managing the daily operations of Le Petit Paradis.

Yana graduated from college with an Agricultural Degree but fell in love with the digital marketing industry. Her love continued to grow till she founded her own business called “Anay Creates” specialising in digital designs, website creation, creative ghostwriting & Content Marketing. She does all this while managing the social aspect of Le Petit Paradis. FUN FACT: She created and designed this website.

Choco loves a good time and works double shift to put a smile on our guests faces. In his spare time, he enjoys napping, playing and receiving loads of belly rubs. FUN FACT: He is the boss at Le Petit Paradis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

The dinner cost is 60XCD, or 23USD for a full course dinner per person. This does not include drinks–since they are sold separately. 

Breakfast is $12US or $30XCD per person. 

Lunch is $35 XCD per person

Lunch packs or sandwiches are available but only by reservation.  

Yes. They pass right along the route where we are situated.

Wotton Waven is located in the Roseau Valley and is about 15 minutes away from the capital city Roseau. 

Wotton Waven village has approximately 5 different Sulphur spas all of which is located within walking distance from the guesthouse. They are all located within a 2-5 minute walk away from the guesthouse. 

It is preferred to settle all bills the night before departure but bills can also be settled the morning before departure depending on departure time.