Our Menu

Get Relaxed. & Eat.

You will love Le Petit Paradis restaurant if you love your taste buds! Love is the main ingredient when preparing our meals. We specialize in preparing local cuisines where you explore the taste of Dominica. We also cater to vegan & vegetarian lifestyles! Our menu is surrounded by local ground provisions such as  dasheen, yam, sweet potato, we also use other provisions such as breadfruit, ripe plantains, green plantains & green banana.


Soup of the day with toasted garlic bread

soups: pumpkin soup, lentils soup, spinach soup, christophine soup, mixed beans soup



chicken: brown stewed, curry chicken, fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken in sweet pineapple sauce, smoke chicken, smoke chicken sanchoche

pork/beef: brown stew or oven baked

shrimp: fried shrimp, shrimp in coconut sauce


fish: Grilled fish, fried fish, fish in creole sauce, fish fingers, fish in sweet sauce, stewed codfish, codfish sancoche


Fresh garden salad or steamed veggies with freshly made vinigrette


Provision pie: scalloped breadfruit pie, green banana pie,plantain pie, mixed provision pie (topped with cheese)

dasheen/ breadfruit/ plantain croquettes with or without cheese or tuna

Peas Or Beans

seasoned lentils, red beans, pink beans, pigeon pea, black beans


 Local Ice Cream: Strawberry, coconut, pistachio, vanilla, rum & raisin, peanut.

flavour of the day cakes: signature ginger banana cake,  coconut cake, chocolate cake

local dessert: coconut cheese / coconut tablet/ tamarind balls


rice: vegetable rice, pumkin/ spinach rice, rice in coconut milk, festive rice

pasta:macaroni salad, macaroni casserole, cheesy spaghetti, italian spaghetti

potato: stuffed potato, scaloped potato, garlic potato, shepherds pie, wedges

christophine: christophine au gratin

Provision salad: Green banana salad, breadfruit salad, yam salad served with or without corfish, tuna or cheese

Deep Fried Pfrovisions: Green banana chips, breadfruit chips, plantain chips, sweet potato chips